Who we are
Cost Leadership


To be one of the leading manufacturers of flaconage in the world through excellence , innovation and cost leadership.


Our Mission is to supply consistently high quality glass bottles to customers with world class service.

About Us

Haldyn Heinz is a Joint Venture which combines Heinz’s rich global experience in glassmaking with Haldyn’s contemporary production processes, facilities and experience in India.

Heinz has over 400 years of experience in manufacturing perfume and cosmetic glass bottles for international markets , and is regarded as one of the world’s leading manufacturers and finishers of glass flacons and caps. Boasting of a presence in 16 locations worldwide, Heinz’s core competencies lie in the in-house development division and mold construction unit as well as state of the art production and refining technology. Its emphasis on Research and Development and its continuous focus to cater to the ever changing needs of its customers has enabled the Heinz Group to uphold their glassmaking tradition and its position as a leading ‘Global Player’ supplying to most of the leading global beauty and cosmetic companies.

Haldyn, is engaged in the manufacturing of Glass containers. It has an experience of over five decades in creating innovative bottle shapes and sophisticated designs, giving a cutting-edge advantage to its clients. Due to the expertise of its glass technologists and other technical and management resources and long established world class manufacturing and management systems, Haldyn is recognised as the leading Flint Glass container manufacturer in India. With the ability to meet client demand and quality standards with short lead times, Haldyn caters to the Food, Beverage, Liquor, and other emerging consumer businesses which require innovative and contemporary packaging designs.

Haldyn Heinz manufactures perfume and cosmetic glass bottles for international and domestic markets by utilising both, Heinz’s worldwide network and Haldyn’s integrated quality management system. With an entrepreneurial vision and the heritage of meeting the ever changing needs of customers , we plan to supply the finest in exclusive products and exceptional designs.